Our Move To Katy Trail in MO

DERON AND I LOVE THE KATY TRAIL. WE HAVE 1000s OF MILES ON IT, HIKING, CYCLING (biking), and TRAINING SLED DOGS ON WHEELS AND SNOW. When we decided to move back to MO, we wanted to be near The Katy Trail....our Driveway starts at the Trail.

We were so thrilled to find our MKT Farm House! It is an all brick 1 1/2 story home that was built in 1940, it has a full walk out basement, and so so so much more. Our home and other buildings, including an old Barn, as well as a Shop/Garage, and 2 other smaller sheds, sit on just over 10 acres with a pond large enough for our kayaks. We have named the pond, "Lake Thimble".

The Farm House

Coming Very Soon

The Decor

Metal Bike Decor

Since we love to ride bikes and our House is RIGHT on the Katy Trail, the decor is Bicycles and Trains. I had already been 'collecting' a few, and now, ebay LOVES me. I have found some fun things that are now 'sprinkled' around our home.

So much more to come.

RIGHT On The Katy Trail

When I say that our house is RIGHT on the Katy Trail, I really mean it. Our Property and Driveway start on the far side of the Katy Trail.

Riding Our Bicycles!

Fixing Up, Setting Up and Up Keep on this place is a LOT! But. One thing we vowed was that we would RIDE OUR BICYCLE! We need to. Not Just For Our Health...IT'S FUN!

much more to come

Much More Room

After 20 years of living in tiny places, THIS PLACE IS WONDERFUL!

much more to come

Lake Thimble

We LOVE our little pond and plan to stock it soon.

Lots More About How Our Pond was Named and more about kayaking in it.

Riding The Katy Trail and More!

Marna's Yellow Bike Kit 2018-07-30

Now that we have moved, and moved RIGHT ON the Katy Trail, we can and do, ride our bicycles more often.

much more to come


We are working on a New Website called, MKT Farm House, at www.mktfarmhouse.com please visit often.

Why? One day this place may become a Bed and Breakfast, you never know. So why not set up a Domain Name and Website now.

The contents of this page for Our Move To Katy Trail in MO is still under construction. Please check back later.

We are also working on a New Website called MKT Farm House. So look for more updates there. But with this house upkeep and HUGE Yard upkeep, as well as our animals, not to mention the Katy Trail and Pond calling, I won't be updating too soon.

-- The Does My Butt Look Big In The Saddle Team
Wed, 25 Jul 2018 21:02:52 -0400

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