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Marna Stand Up Paddle Borrowed Board 2015-08-14

Stand Up Padding has become very popular. It is fun and exciting to try and to do. It is not easy. It is especially hard for those of us that carry extra weight or who have lost weight and are still working on balance....and such a GREAT WORK OUT FOR US!

I saw this Sport on TV and told my husband Deron I wanted to do it. Well, as of 08-15-15 I now can... but it was a "try try again" thing. In fact for me, it was a try, try, try, Try, Try, TRY TRY again...but worth the tenacity!

It is not Rocket Science, but it does take a few skills. Please keep reading.

Lime Green Spitfire Kayak 2015-06-08 Marna Kayaking at Orman Dam 2015-07-31

We talked about buying a Kayak for the Upper Body Work Out. When I saw this type, and was told it was made like this so that you could sit or stand on it...this is the one I wanted. We also bought two types of paddles when we bought it. They Kayak Paddles and a long Stand Up type Paddle. That way, I was ready...if I could.

I am so glad we bought this Kayak! I also like it because I am not a strong swimmer and have a bit of claustrophobia...sitting on top made this Kayak more inviting for me than one you sit down inside of. Now that I have used it many times now though. I am pretty sure the other type of Kayak would not bother me to use.

I did try several times, to Stand Up on the Kayak. I even asked a guy at the lake to try his Sail Board he was standing on...not ready! Could not do it. Once in a while, I could Stand. But not for very long.

Deron Kayaking at Orman Dam 2015-07-31

That's ok. Kayaking on Lakes is a LOT of Fun and Dang a GREAT Work Out without getting so sweaty and staying indoors.

Deron and I both use and enjoy the Kayak. We take turns going out in it and padding the Lakes.

We are talking about either buying another Kayak, the type you sit in, one set up for fishing for Deron, and or a Stand Up Paddle board.

I just did not want to spend the money on the Stand Up Paddle Board...what if I could NEVER Stand Up????


Marna Cross Country Skiing  2015-03-04 Marna Snowshoeing Spearfish 2015-01-12 Marna Skating 2015-01-11

It is not easy to lose weight. It is not easy to get back in shape. It is not easy to Work Out each and every day... but if you do, the rewards are GREAT and MANY!

It took me a year. A full year. It took me a year to lose 50 pounds and with losing came balance and strength. Those allowed me to be able to Stand Up Paddle.


Marna Stand Up Get Up 2015-08-15 Marna Stand Up Paddle Get Up 2 2015-08-15 Marna Get Up Stand Up Paddling 2015-08-15 Marna Stood Up and the Wave 2015-08-15

In the Photos - I did not know this boat near me was even there, until I was up and standing. I was solely focused on Standing Up on that board.

I am not an expert. But I do know that Standing Up On that Paddle Board takes more for some than others. If you are losing weight, are older, are overweight, it is probably going to be harder for you to get to the Stand. It's OK! Just Do It!

Go first to your knees, then slowly, go to a Stand. Slowly. If you fall, so what? Just get back on and try again.

I found that working on the Stand Up right near the shore, off of it so that it is deep enough to fall in, but shallow enough to stand. That way it is easier to grab the board and get on and try again.

Marna Stand Up Kayak 2015-08-21

This is me on our Kayak at Iron Lake, in the Black Hills of SD. I am near the shore and the wind kept blowing me top the shore as I was standing....


Black Friday Ad SUP Board 2015 Got Ours Black Friday 2015! Stand Up Paddle Boards Deron with Loaded SUP Boards 2015-11-27 SUP Board Loaded  2015-11-27 Marna with New SUP Board 2015-11-27

It was not easy. We had to get up really early, stand in temps of less than 10 degrees for 1/2 hour, but we were able to buy TWO Lime Green Stand Up Paddle boards and are looking so forward to using them!

more to come - working on building a page - we are talking about building a DIY Stand Up Paddle Board and will ad our process and ideas and information for you here on this page too

The contents of this page for Stand Up Paddle is still under construction. Please check back, we hope to keep the Summer Weather that is!

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