101 Uses For Survival Bracelets

You see them everywhere. All types of people own and wear them. Those Parachute Cord Braided Bracelets. They come in many colors, or combination of colors, with different types of buckles and enough sizes so that anyone can own own. I make them and add charms. Deron and I have them in many colors. I even make and wear Survival Ankle Bracelets and I add charms to those too.

So what is the "Deal With Them"? Well. A Survival Bracelet is made with approx 10' cord that has 350 - 550 pounds of tensile strength...in other words tough stuff that can hold most people's body weight. Parachute Cord also comes apart with string within. Why is that important? Read below and see all the things you could do with that string. That string could save your life.

You often hear of hikers, campers, hunters and such that become lost in the woods. Those that are prepared, that know what they are doing, survive. Many times having a rope, even a short one, is the difference between life and death. Survival Bracelets are more that just Attractive Jewelry. The idea is having 10' of rope on your wrist you might need to save your life.

If you ever need the rope all you do is untie the braided cord and use. Or if you want just a string, untie and pull the cord apart. If you only need one piece of string, try to pull just one piece of string out leaving the rest of the rope in tact for other uses.

You should also always carry a good sharp Pocket Knife, a lighter and a Fishing Hook, well, and a whole list of other items, but for use with your Parachute Cord, a Knife and a Fishing Hook and well.... The knife will come in handy to cut the rope to the size you need it. The lighter will be needed for burning the edges/ends of the rope so that it/they do/does not fray as you use it for the next purpose. One more thing you might carry, more rope than you think you will be using or will need.

A few warnings: Keep in mind that the tensile strength will break down when the Survival Bracelet is exposed to excessive dirt and or sunlight for long periods of time. If you have a two color Survival Bracelet you will need to tie a knot between the two cord colors (when the bracelet is taken apart for rope use) or the cord will break between colors when pressure is put on the cord where they join together. Never wear a Survival Bracelet that does not have a buckle. In my opinion the high impact side release buckles are the best. Why? If you fall, or get caught up in something, like a chainsaw or tree limb as you are falling, you WANT that buckle to break to free your hand/wrist/arm. You also need to take the Bracelets off and wash them from time to time....air dry only.

Many of these ideas have been passed down from person to person, Scouts have pages of what rope can be used for. Here, most of these are unique to this page, a few are just for chuckles. This website is copyrited. Keep it in mind and please do not steal our ideas and pass them off as your own.

We will not be with you to see how you are using your Survival Bracelet. We will also not be held accountable for any of your bad decisions. We assume no liability for your and your own Survival Bracelets, use yours at your own risk.

So here they are, 101 Uses For Survival Bracelets. And after you see all that those Fashion Statements are good for you might want one, if you do not own one, we do sell them on our www.faroutguns.com website. We have a LOT of different colors, let us know if you do not see the color of Survival Bracelet you were hoping for.

1. Wear one to look good.

2. Wear one to look like an Outdoors Person who looks like they know what they are doing.

3. Wear one to be fashionable.

4. Taken apart use as a dog leash.

5. Taken apart use to hang your wet clothes on in camp.

6. Use one of the strings within the cord to make a fishing line.

7. Taken apart the cord will make a quick fix for a broken belt....use the cord, tie at your waist.

8. Taken apart the cord can be used to hang up your food inside your backpack in camp so that animals can not reach it while you sleep.

9. Take apart make a sliding loop in one end, hang the other end on a tree or brush, set the loop end near a Rabbit Hole. Make an animal snare.

10. Hang your rope about 3' off the ground tied from tree to tree. Set an Emergency Blanket or other tarp over the rope to make a shelter/tent.

11. Taken apart you could tie the rope about 8" - 10" across the path or trail into your camping area at night to trip anyone sneaking in.

12. Do you loose your gloves or mittens often? You are going to need them in the winter if you are outdoors for very long. Take your Bracelet apart and tie/sew/pin a glove or mitten on each end. Now put one each through the sleeves of your coat. Your mittens will stay attached to your coat and your hands will stay warm. When you need the cord for something else it is already taken apart and your hands will not get cold again working on that. If you need to use the cord for something else, but still want the mitten/glove holder, use one of the strings for your gloves/mittens.

13. On a windy day, or in a windy area, the rope can be used to tie items down in camp.

14. Especially in the winter your hat needs to stay on your head for the extra heat it provides your body. If it is windy, tie your hat on your head with the cord.

15. Taken apart the cord can be used, tied to the end of a bucket or mug, to fetch water out of a stream or deeper area your arms could not reach.

16. If you are out for a while and need to clean your gun to hunt, take apart your bracelet and run it through the inside of your gun to clean it.

17. Can be used as a weapon as a cord.

18. The untied Survival Bracelet can make a Sling Shot to throw rocks out of.

19. Taken apart the cord can be used to tie up fresh meat to drain the blood out.

20. The cord can be used to carry game back to camp.

21. String fish with the cord.

22. Tie items unto your backpack with the cord.

23. Tighten your Sleeping Bag down to a smaller size for carry with a cord.

24. In hilly or rocky areas when you just can no longer carry your backpack, or it is unsafe to carry your backpack, untie your Survival Bracelet and use the cord to drag your pack up the area.

25. Many times a cord might fix your vehicle in one way or another.

26. Make a drag with an Emergency Blanket and pull it with the cord from your Survival Bracelet. This will enable you to drag your backpack and other items if you can no longer carry them.

27. Tie down a kicking goats back legs if you need to milk it and it just will not cooperate.

28. If you have a small dog your Survival Bracelet might fit it for a collar.

29. If your bucket handle has broken...untie your Survival Bracelet and put the cord threw the bucket holes where the handle was, tie knots on the outside of the buck at the length you want the new cord handle to be. Take the extra cord and wrap it around and around the area where your hand will be carrying the bucket. This will make a more comfortable handle for your hand while the bucket when it is full.

30. Zipper on your Backpack break? Untie your Survival Bracelet and tie the cord around your Backpack a time or two or three. This should keep your items inside the bag and make carrying it easier than if it were open.

31. Shoestring break on your hiking boots or sneakers? Cut a piece or two, if you and them to match, of your untied Survival Bracelet and use the cord for new shoestrings. Be sure to burn the ends or you will have a magnet for stickers and burrs at the end of each end of your shoestring.

32. Zipper on your coat or jacket break? Untie your Bracelet and use the cord for a belt that will keep you warmer and perhaps more dry.

33. If a dog that belongs to someone else, someone that does not have a leash for their dog, is following you, and you are a kind person, untie your Survival Bracelet and let the person have it for a leash to keep their dog with them. That way, you won't have to feed it in camp and it will not spoil your hunt or hike.

34. Wear more than one Survival Bracelet if you are going to be going on a Hunting, Camping, Backpacking, or Rock Climbing Trip. That way if you use one of your Bracelets in camp, you still have at least one more for the trip home.

35. Untie and use to tie your boat down if your other ropes are used, broken or not available.

36. Untie and use for a leash for your dog in camp if you do not want it to follow you on a hunt or if there is a Skunk around, or if you too have forgotten to bring your leash....dogs should not be loose in camp at night, it can cause an array of havoc.

37. While cats should not wear collars all the time, you might find the one you are wearing around your wrist can make a fast, quick and easy collar to take your cat to the vet or if a situation comes up that your cat needs a collar.

38. Most people when they Backpack or Camp or even Hunt take the least amount of items that they believe they can get by on. Flashlights are one of the items that there is much debate over how many, what types, an Outdoors Person will/should need. Wearing a light on your hat is fine for some applications, but to read? The light on your cap/hat can twist your neck oddly when reading. So. Use your Survival Bracelet to hang a flashlight in your tent. You might even be able to do that leaving the Bracelet in tact.

39. If a couple is walking together and they normally hold hands, but their hands are full, hook one persons Survival Bracelet into the other person's Bracelet and you still have the closeness....however, if something happens and you need to move away quickly, well, that could be a problem.

40. Take a few Survival Bracelets to a Scout Meeting. Pass them out and teach the Scouts to take the Bracelets apart for cord and string use. As you do, ask the Scouts ideas of what the cords and strings could be used for while out in the woods.

41. If you are approached by an animals in a threatening manner and you can not bend down to pick up a rock to throw at it, you might try using your Survival Bracelet. A couple of things you should know. Don't look down at your wrist to take the bracelet off and some animals may become more annoyed if you throw things at them.

42. Is your child becoming annoying in camp? Hand the child your Survival Bracelet and have them count the ridges and or knots (over and over) you might both survive til the next meal is served.

43. If you are out hunting a discover that your forgot your rope to tie your game to a pole so that two people can carry it back to camp....you got it; untie your Survival Bracelet and use it for the cord to tie the meat to the pole for transport.

44. Know how long your Survival Bracelet is and you will be able to use it for a "measuring stick" for all sorts of items, including round ones.

45. Did you baby decide to start teething while on a camping trip? How clean is your Survival Bracelet? Teething Rings have been made out of worse items. Seriously, don't use a dirty one. Yuk!

46. Bored in Camp? How many people wearing Survival Bracelets? Set up thick sticks in the ground and make up a Ring Toss Game using your Survival Bracelets as the Rings.

47. If you need a quick pack, use your sock. Untie the Survival Bracelet, fill your sock with items you want to carry in a sling pack. Tie off the open end of the sock with your cord, take the remainder of the cord and tie the other end of the sock. Keep the cord between each end loose so that you can carry this over your shoulder much like a woman's purse.

48. On a wet night with no dry tarp for your sleeping bag to lay on untie your Survival Bracelet and weave together sticks, preferably the length of your body, making the "pad" the width of your sleeping bag. Tie this off with your cord. It may not be as comfortable as your mattress at home, but if it keeps you more dry for the night, you will sleep better and more safe from health issues. In the morning, untie your cord and use this wood to start your campfire....unless you need it again the next night.

49. If you loose your compass or did not bring one, but you do have a sewing needle with you, hang your sewing needle from one of the strings within the cord of the Survival Bracelet and make a compass. You will however need a piece of silk to stoke the needle on to magnetize the end of the needle so that it will point to the North.

50. In a pinch, use a piece of cord or strings from within as well as a nice piece of sapling to make a bow. Make your arrows from sticks. Sharpen the ends of your arrows on a rock.

51. On that same order (number 50) Make a Fire starter bow so that wood on wood rubbed fast and faster makes a spark and starts a fire using browned fallen leaves right by the area rubbing....or other items you should carry with you into the woods such as cotton. A piece of your T-Shirt can also be used.

52. Using an untied Survival Bracelet and pieces of limbs could make a ladder.

53. Untied, could be used to make a sling to hold an arm still that was injured and should not be moved. A bandana however is more comfortable. If you do need to use the cord for a sling, make sure to move the cord around on the arm ever so often so that further damage does not apply to the arm.

54. Throw Toy for a Retriever Dog to play Fetch with.

55. Worried? Place your fingers into the Bracelet (don't take if off and loose it in the anxiety) now rub the Survival Bracelet as you pray.

56. Bored in camp while someone else is away? Use it for Target Practice....no, not like that. Try to hit different rocks with the Bracelet. Or, save the Bracelet and just use stones.

57. If you or your animal's pack rips or tears while out on the trail, if you do not have dental floss with you, One of the stings within the cord of the Survival Bracelet will make a good sturdy thread to make your repairs with.

58. The cord from within could become a Lasso.

59. Use to tie tree limbs together around a broken leg or arm.

60. Using a piece of your clothing, preferably white or bright colored, use your untied Bracelet cord to make a signaling flag to alert help of where you are located.

61. Aggravated with your camp mates? Use your cord as a "line in the sand".

62. If you are in a cabin and your mattress in falling or sagging, see if you can tie your cord between the frame of the bed and keep the mattress more stable and firm.

63. On the bored and crabby children in camp....it might become worth it to ask them to untie your Bracelet just for something new for them to do. Think of something THEY could do with the cord after it is untied. No. Something safe. Next Mother's/Father's Day, ask for a new Survival Bracelet...on second thought, go buy a few as soon as you see civilization again. You might need to do this number again.

64. Wrap firewood together for travel with cord from your Bracelet.

65. If you have more than one Survival Bracelet, many of them will clip into one another to make a longer Piece, however, keep in mind that the string of these will only be as strong as the buckles that hold them together.....and that might not be as strong as a person might need for most jobs.

66. Use for Christmas Tree Decorations.

67. Make a tiny wreath out of one for any Holiday or for each of the Holidays.

68. Use it for a game of Hide and Seek. This can be done with two people or a family. The first person hides the Survival Bracelet somewhere odd in the house, like in the freezer. The person that finds it moves it (quietly) to another location that others will find. The first person will not know it was found until they look, or find it somewhere else in the house. This can go on for a lifetime and bring many smiles. The same game could go on in a campground, as long as the person that hid it last goes and gets it before packing up and heading for home.

69. Leave one out for Santa with Milk and Cookies on Christmas Eve. You might find one in two color Red and Green or a mix of Red/Green/White. What fun for Santa to find and wear.

70. Put one into an Easter Basket, perhaps in Spring Colors.

71. Loose a shoe? Need some water shoes in camp? Untie your Bracelet, find a sole, such as an old tire. Cut the tire to size. Put slashes in the tire for the cord to come through. Make sandals, and get ready to make more, others will want a pair.

72. In a pinch, untied and reformed, could be used to make a Pack Animal's (goat, llama, horse, pony, donkey) Halter.

73. Untie your Survival Bracelet. Using your empty soda cans or water bottles, place a hole in each. String them together and hang them from a low branch but high enough to catch the wind. This might keep animals out of your campsite at night....or give you something to listen to if you can not sleep.

74. Did you loose the string in your hood? Use the cord, be sure to burn it on either side. To run it through the hood use that big safety pin you always keep in your sewing kit that you always have with you in your Backpack. When through the hood, be sure not to pull one side harder than the other when untying it.

75. If your sleeves on your shirt or jacket or coat are too loose for your arms and the wind is just chilling you as you sit in camp or when you hike. Cut a piece of the cord long enough to go around your arms and tie well (in a bow). Hang on to the cords when you take your item off, you might need to retie them the next day.

76. While I don't recommend taking your Bracelet off unless you really need to, your could use your Bracelet as a code for other campers. Such as, If it is wrapped/snapped around the grill handle you went off to use the outhouse. If it is tied to the water jug you went to go and get more water (in the other water jug you took with you). There are all kinds of codes one could use Bracelets snapped onto items to tell camp mates what is going on.

77. Did you get out to the woods and forget your hair tie or have you been out in the woods a long time you hair has grown and you now need to tie it back? You could use cord from your Survival Bracelet for this too. You could tie it back and or up on a hot day.

78. Need to braid your horses tail? The string or even the cord could be used from your Bracelet.

79. Many repairs to saddles and or harnesses and or animal packs can be made using the cord or strings out of your Survival Bracelets.

80. Are you a mess when you cook but did not bring your Apron? Using an Emergency Blanket (folded not cut) and Cord from your Bracelet, make a safe Apron that is form fitting that will not sneak into the flames as you cook. Remember that this is not cloth but will act as plastic and liquids will drain off rather than soak in. Keep hot liquids off your new Apron or your legs could really be burnt.

81. Using an Emergency Blanket or a Bed Blanket make a Poncho. Tie the blanket to you, especially in high winds, with your cord.

82. Make a bed frame, to get your sleeping bag off the ground, with timber and cord. Really tie your cord well when making this frame. If you have a fish net, it might make a great sling.

83. If your husband/wife has been wanting a Survival Bracelet, buy one and surprise them with it by snapping it on their wrist while they are sleeping. They will be delighted to find it in the morning. It might be fun to act as if you do not know where it came from

84. If you know someone that wears their Survival Bracelet ALL the time and it needs washing, you might sneak it off while they sleep, wash it and have it back on their wrist before they wake up the next morning.

85. Is that bad tooth bothering you badly while you are trying to enjoy your camping trip? <grins> You need to remember there is string inside the cord of your Survival Bracelet. Ways you might pull that tooth.... Tie your tooth off with string tie the other end to your Labrador Retriever or other breed of dog that loves to retrieve and throw a stick for the dog. Or tie off to your goats collar and throw grain out beyond the strings length. Or tie off to your horses halter, hit your horse on the butt to move out. Or make you spouse angry and hand them the far end of the rope. No one else there, just yank it.

86. On a warm day or a windy day with no bugs you might air out your tent by leaving the flaps/door(s) open. Tie the flaps open using your Survival Bracelet. Depending on how you are going to go about this, what you are tying to, you might be able to use your Survival Bracelet in tact...and if not, untie the Bracelet and use the cord or string.

87. If you have been Backpacking for weeks and are headed home. You have been carrying that heavy pack now for days and weeks. When you get to a town, small or large, go to a Grocery Store and ask for a box. Box up everything you do not need for the trip home (and if you are flying you can't take knives and such anyway without it being a BIG DEAL) and wrap the outside of the box with the cord from your Survival Bracelet...if you have a spare that is. I would not recommend flying without one on your wrist.....you never know....

88. Bored in camp? How about a game of Tug Of War?

89. Most people wear distinct colors of Survival Bracelets. When you look around a campsite most people have different colors. Use your bracelets around your water bottle to mark it as yours so that no one else picks it up and drinks out of it.

90. Again with the bored children. Or even just for their own good, something fun to do with them in the campsite. Have a child untie your Survival Bracelet (or bring another along just for this purpose) then use the cord to teach the kids and or other adults, to tie different types of useful knots.

91. Again, something to do in camp???? Jump Rope. You did not bring a rope? Untie your Survival Bracelet and use the cord. Not something I would do without a back up bracelet.

92. Rope off areas in camp that others should not be in with the cord from your Survival Bracelet.

93. Need to fix something in your barn or garage? You might find that the cord from your Survival Bracelet might be just what you need.

94. Carry a couple of the big rubber bands with you. Use your Survival Bracelet as the "nest" in a Sling Shot. Use your Bracelet in tact. (unlike above where I suggested taking the bracelet apart to make a swinging sling shot).

95. If you were in a real survival situation, digging with the buckle of your Survival Bracelet would be much easier and less painful than digger with your fingernails.

96. The buckle of your Survival Bracelet can be used as a tool. Try it instead of your fingernails and teeth, like for pushing nails or pins back into items.

97. Untie your Survival Bracelet and use the cord to drag a small downed tree to camp to cut it up for firewood.

98. Untie and use the cord from your Survival Bracelet to carry wood/sticks/logs back to your camp for firewood.

99. If you are out in the snow, or many times in a pinch on dry land, a sledge can be a life saver. You can drag an injured person or your gear or game using one. It can also double as a dry off the ground place to sleep. Untie your Survival Bracelet and use the cord for lashing saplings together to make a sledge.

100. I would never recommend this unless you are in a real survival situation. Untie your Survival Bracelet and use it for a high line for your pack animals. I don't recommend this because thick rope is safer for the animals. The cord could cut a leg or neck or face of one of your animals.

101. Again, only in a very real survival situation should you use this, the cord from your Survival Bracelet and a couple of pairs of socks could make hobbles for your pack animals. Use the socks to pad the cord. Again. Your animals could really be hurt doing this, but in a survival situation....

If you are an outdoors person, or even if not, you can see why you might want to have at least one Survival Bracelet on at all times. Let's face it, if everyone knew when emergencies and disasters were going to happen everyone would be prepared. Since we can not know, we should do all what we can to be prepared to survive emergencies and disasters if and when they arise. There are many more uses for a Survival Bracelet, these are just some I thought of in a couple of days time while working on other things.

-- The Far Out Living Team
Sat, 06 Apr 2013 10:47:06 -0400

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