101 Ways To Keep Weight Off

1. Keep Working Out. Every Single Day.

2. Walk a lot.

3. Eat Correct.

4. Keep your food servings/portions small and few.

5. When at Parties or Events, eat very small pieces of sweets.

6. Chew Gum.

7. Go Swimming. Not only is the excersize good, wearing that swim suit is better, it will remind you of how far you have come, and make you want to continue.

8. Take care of yourself. Dress nicely.

9. Paint your toes. It will keep you reaching and remind you if your gut gets a bit larger than you want it too.

10. Join a Gym....and go to it to work out.

11. Try on clothes when in stores, buying or not. Trying them on will make you look at sizes and see yourself in a full sized mirror.

12. Get out and RIDE! (or drive, or go packing, or show) your Equines.

13. Never forget how hard you worked to get that weight off. Feel good about it. Continue to keep the weight off.

14. Don't fall into the "sweatpants" and snacks with movies routine. Doing that once in a while with the correct snacks is fine. Don't make a habit of it.

15. Fix your hair. Remember you ARE worth it.

16. Feel like snacking? Go and brush your teeth.

17. Look at photos of yourself when you weighed more than you do now.

18. Don't sit around your kitchen. Move your activities to another room in your home. Put a table in the living room if you need to.

19. Buy a Low Calorie Cook Book or two. Go through them and find recipes you might like. Try them. Mark the recipes you enjoy in the book and use them often.

20. Keep your workout routine that you used for loosing the weight.

21. Pack your own lunch from home if you are toooo tempted to eat high fat lunches at work.

22. Keep drinking a lot of water rather than high calorie drinks.

23. Going to a Pot Luck? Make sure that there will be low calorie foods by taking them yourself.

24. Keep a journal that includes your weight, weight loss, food journal and how you are keeping it off.

25. Hang out with thin people rather than people who eat for their hobby.

26. Wear your clothing a bit tighter.

27. Been to the Dr lately? I am sure that the Dr has told you how much healthier you are as a thin person rather than a fat person.


29. Set small goals, like what you want to wear for the next Holiday or to a Special Event.

30. Get out and groom your equines. Use that to bend and reach and let your equine really enjoy it.

31. Look at recent photos of yourself. Make you feel thinner? Make you want to continue?

32. Paint your nails, not only do you deserve to look nice, it will keep your hands out of the bags of chips...at least while they are wet.

33. Set goals and each month, like on the 15th, if you weight is still down, buy yourself a non food treat.

34. Stay in your Weight Loss Support Group even after losing weight.

35. Ride a bike when ever you can.

36. Count up the amount of money you may have saved by learning to eat less and correctly.

37. Buy a new piece of exercize equipment and use it. No. It does not have to cost much. A Jump Rope or some of the large Rubber Bands for working out cost just a little. And could be worth their weight in gold.

38. Instead of eating that cake you want to fix and eat, go out to the barn, braid and ribbon your equines tail. Take a ride, even just a short one.

39. Think about how much healthier your equine is now that YOU have lost weight.

40. Buy yourself a piece of tack once a month if you hold your weight at your goal.

41. Look forward to going out and dressing up to show off that body you worked so hard to regain.

42. Find friends that are also trying to maintain their weight. Encourage one another.

43. Go to the Library and walk around it then read a book rather then going out for a burger and fries.

44. Say "NO!" when tempted by someone with high calorie foods.

45. Learn it is all up to you. All up to you. All up to you to decide if you walk or not or work out or not or regain weight or not.

46. Be Happy. Choose to see yourself where you are and be happy about it.

47. Fix a large salad and plan on it for two days.

48. Need something to do other than snack on fatty foods? Cut up carrots into sticks for snacking. Eat some now and take some for lunch with you to work the next day.

49. Don't use shampoos that make you hungry when you smell them.

50. Notice how nice you look when you dress up. That is right. Stand in front of the mirror for a minute and just admire that you have lost weight and look better in nice clothes than you once did before the weight loss.

51. Is it your turn to bring the snacks to work or to a meeting? If you need to bake a cake, bake it. Don't lick the beaters, and have only a small piece at the event. Offer any left overs to someone else to take home.

52. Eaaaaat Slooooooow. Chew your food well.

53. Don't go to parties hungry.

54. Watch that you are not eating because you are angry.

55. Do not eat when you are lonely.

56. Do not let a stressful event get you munching.

57. Remember the old "Eat To Live, Do Not Live To Eat."

58. Fix healthy meals for your family and you will be eating healthier everyday.

59. Make better choices at the Grocery Store. Like Whole Wheat Noodles, not low cost noodles.

60. When you go to Restaurants, eat half of the food and take half home for the next day. Not only will it be half the calories, but half the cost.

61. Count your waters. Make sure you have at least 4 servings per day....or more.

62. When you want something sweet, have a piece of good hard candy. Spend the money for the good stuff. Good hard candy has far less calories that a candy bar and last much longer than eating a candy bar.

63. Keep different flavors of gum around at all times. Gum not only satisfies your sugar cravings, it lasts and the chewing might be just what you need anyway.

64. Don't buy any more candy for Halloween that you need to give out.

65. If you have Holiday Candy around the house after the Holiday, take it to work or give it to a friend. Don't be tempted to eat it yourself.

66. Do crafts.

67. Get a Hobby and enjoy it.

68. Don't buy snacks at the Gas Station. If you don't need to go inside, pay at the pump so that you will not be tempted.

69. Pack a Picnic and walk to the area to eat it (if at all possible) on a Sunny day.

70. Take your dog to the pond and throw a bumper for it. The sun and excersize is good for you as well as the dog.

71. Clean your tack. Take it all apart and really clean it. Good exercize, a safe thing to do, and think how nice your equine will look.

72. Need something to do on a nice afternoon other than eating more snacks? Go wash your vehicle. Make a habit of it. Great exercize, the sun is very good for you, and think how nice your ride will look.

73. Read 101 Ways To Continue To Get Healthy they work here too!

74. Make a Grocery Store list and stick to it. You will save not only calories, but also money.

75. Stop by the Playground (best during school hours when no kids are around) and go ahead and swing, play, have fun, spend calories!

76. Go the to Mall and walk briskly all the way around once before you ever go into a store.

77. Try on shoes, you might be surprised to find out you will lose shoe sizes as you lose weight.

78. Get up and Dance at Weddings and other events. It will burn calories and you will have more fun. So what if you think you look stupid. How many people out there dancing look that good anyway?

79. Do you watch shows on TV where they are Dancing? Get up and move with them to the music. You do not have to do the same steps or even dance as quickly as they are. The idea is to have fun and burn calories.

80. Jump on a Trampoline! How long has it been since you have done that!?

81. Plan events. Try to do something fun at LEAST once a week. Plan for it. Plan the outfit you will wear when you go....even if it is just to a friend's house or your child's ball game. Plan for it.

82. Set small goals for weight loss. If you have an event coming up, as in, if you go to Church once a week, try to lose 1/2 to 1 pound each week by those dates.

83. Get out a pencil and paper and write down how your life has changed since you lost weight.

84. Get a notebook and start writing down every piece of new clothing and shoes you buy and the sizes you buy them in. This will be fun to see your sizes go down.

85. Before putting food, snacks, drinks, into your mouth; ask yourself, really, ask yourself it whatever it is is worth the calories it contains and the work it will take from you to get those calories back off your body.

86. With money you have saved in food, and you will, buy yourself a new horse, or tack or bicycle or such.

87. Help others by encouraging them to lose weight to get healthier...but only if they are ready and really want to lose the weight.

88. Take the steps.

89. When friends come over, ask them to take a walk with you. You will walk faster and your jaws will get exercise too.

90. Upgrade a piece of your furniture. You will save money not buying new, you will have a project, and you will be so proud of your craft, you might find you have a new hobby.

91. Write hand written letter to someone you love. WHO WOULD NOT LOVE TO RECEIVE THAT IN THE MAIL?

92. Plant Flowers.

93. Grow your own food. Cows, Pigs, Goats, Rabbits, or other meat animals need care. Taking care of the animals and learning about them will keep you busy, not eating, and you will know where your food comes from. Or like me. They will become your pets.

94. Purchase and milk a goat. Goat's Milk is so good for you and wonderful to cook with. Milking a goat will keep you busy and you can learn healthy new recipes looking on line. Goats make great pets and can be trained to do about anything a dog can do....except guard your farm.

95. Get a job and or a second job. The movement involved with burn calories. The job will keep you busy and not eating. And the extra money! You will know what to do with this.

96. Crochet. It will keep your hands busy while you watch TV.

97. Don't clean your plate when you eat. I know. I know. Your mother told you that you had to do that. Mine too. But when we do, as overweight adults, we become fatter. Leave food on your plate.

98. Share your food at a Restaurant.

99. Share your food at home. If you live alone and do not have pets that will eat your left overs, take it outdoors. Birds or your outdoor animals would love to eat after you.

100. Bored? Read a book, with no food around you.

101. Make Love. It is fun, good for you (if you don't sleep around that is), and burns calories.

-- The Does My Butt Look Big In The Saddle Team
Sun, 21 Apr 2013 11:27:32 -0400

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