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Marna Scooting 2017-03-04-2017 Marna Kick Scootering 2017-03-08 Spearfish Park

If you want to HAVE Fun and Get a GREAT Work Out at the same time!, try a Scooter sometimes called Kick Bike or Kick Bicycle, or even called a Foot Bike.

You will find you can set your own speed, with your foot there to catch you even at very slow speeds, trust me, you will want to go fassssst! And you can build ever muscle in your body as well as endurance and strength ~ while having a great time. Even your face muscles will be used from all the smiling as you go.

Turquoise with Marna Scootering 2017-03-04 Texas Tea waiting to be called to work 2017-03-04

While YOU are learning to use the Scooter, teach your dogs, as you walk it on a leash, the sled dog commands....then when the two of you have each learned well, put that together by having your dog pull you on your kick bike for some real fun! Scroll Down for More On Dog Scootering.

For Much More Information on Dog Scootering ~ Please visit our website for more information, training, ideas, and photos, on Dog Scootering.

Several Types Of Adult Sized Kickbikes and or Foot Bicycles

Like the vehicles we drive around in, not everyone needs the same type. One person might just need a fold up Razor Scooter for City riding, and others need a larger wheeled, heaver weight, big wheeled Kick Bike for a dog or two to pull on rough terrain.

There are several types of Kick Bicycles/Scooters for Adults, from Razor Scooters, that is those with Roller Skate and up to 6" Wheels, to 29" Front Wheels with smaller Wheels in the Rear. Shop around and decide what type you want or need.

You might start on one type and end up owning and using 3 different types of kickbikes.

There are Kick Foot Bicycles in/for every price range. Some for UNDER $150. If you are really strapped for cash, even cheaper, just be careful, some are not well made.

Larger wheels will make for a smoother ride. Some wheels will allow a person to ride on rough Mountain Bicycle Trails.

Where You Might Ride A Kick Bike

Deron Scootering 2017-04-30

Depending on the type of Kick Bicycle you purchase, you can ride them where you will.

I will tell your for sure and for certain, that pavement, is the best for enjoying a nice ride, or for racing without dogs, a Scooter.

Bicycle Paths and Sidewalks are a GREAT Place to learn with easy kick for the beginner or when a new Scooter is purchased.

A Razor Scooter with Roller Skate type wheels is NOT going to be good for Rocks or Mountain Bike Trails. However, a Kick Bike with larger, bicycle type tires, is a LOT of fun on those types of trails.

Foot Bikes with low clearance to the Foot Board will not be fun on rocky, harder trails.

Deron Scooter Center Of The Nation 2017-04-30 Marna Scooter Center of the Nation 2017-04-30

You could ride a Kickbike about any place YOU are able. That is, Scooters are welcome on bicycle trails, or paths, but it is up to YOU to be able to safely ride and stay safe and out of other people's way.

These photos are of Deron and I out riding on the Bike Path in Belle Fourche, SD we are standing here, at the Center Of The Nation.

You can see we are 'bundled up' for the cold ride with high winds...even though these were taken 4-30-2017.

Safety Ideas and Shoes

Scooter Shoes 2017

I HIGHLY Recommend that a person would wear Knee and Elbow Pads as well as correct shoes when Kick Biking.

Most common Summer Foot Wear, may not be the best for Foot Biking. Shoe Laces, and or Flip Flopping may trip you up as you ride.

The foot wear in this photo is what I wear when I go without dogs. They are light weight and very inexpensive. For me, they work!

Scooter/Dog Scootering Accessories

Water Bottle Cage Bicycle Water Bottle

Water Bottle Cage. And. The Water Bottle. This is important for the Scooter Driver, but more important for the Dog Pulling the Scooter. You can drill holes for one or more Water Bottle Cages on your Kick Bike Frame, that is if, your Foot Bicycle's Frame did not come set up for a Water Bottle Cage. Or. You can buy Water Bottle Cages that will not only adapt to the Frame, but will also hold several sizes of Bottles.

I like the Velcro type with the rubber set up and use these for longer runs/bicycle rides. I do add a larger/longer piece of Velcro to go all around the Cage and Bottle...but I usually ride on rougher trails.

If you are out Scootering with your dogs they can be taught to drink from the flow of a Water Bottle with a nipple.

Scooter Handle Bar Bag 2017

Some sort of Bag, Handlebar, for Scooter, or Back Bar for Sacco Cart, is always a good idea. You will need a few items with you on the water for yourself, but mostly for your dog. You might also carry along, Flat Tire Tools and Repair Kit, Dog Treats, Cell Phone and such.

This is a photo of mine. I like the Bright Colors for safety as well as the Reflective Tape in the front.

Camelbak Magic Pink


Remember though too, that you will need to also carry a bottle of Water for your dog, you might, but I do not, let my dog drink from the same spout I drink from.

Camelbaks are easy to use and are RIGHT THERE FOR YOU WHEN NEEDED!


You might be surprised how far you can ride a Kick Bicycle and want to record the miles you have put in. Or reward yourself for a Longer Work Out.

It is also a good idea to really know how far your dog has run. I will tell you for sure, when you are having fun riding the Scooter with your dog PULLING the Scooter, miles ad quickly. Do not over work your dog.

It is also nice to be able to record your miles as the year goes by....and for Racing. Knowing how your dogs is doing per mile will be very helpful for not only races, but other group events.

Bicycle Tire Repair Kit Bicycle Tools

Tools. At the very least, carry a Tire Repair Kit. They are inexpensive, worth their weight in GOLD when you need it, and pretty easy to us.

Even if you do not know how to change your tire, carry one of these with you...someone might come along and have pity on you.

Also, even if you are not going to carry tools, carry at least on that will take your wheel of so the tires could be changed.

Transporting Your Scooter

Unless you have a Folding Scooter, Transporting may become a dilemma.

Stuffing larger Scooters into jammed areas of your car can break your Scooter and perhaps in ways you will not see, until you are on the trail and....

Using the average Bicycle Rack may or may not work. There are things to think about.

Most Bicycle Racks hold the Bicycle by the Frame....Scooters are made differently.

Dog Scooters are large and most do not fit into the average person's vehicle. So transportation can become an issue. How will you get to the trails to train or to the races to race? Or just be able to take your do and Scooter other places than home to run?

Keep in mind that tossing your Scooter in the back of a Pick Up Truck can do damage to the Scooter as it rides and moves around back there.

much more to come

Have Fun and Be Safe!

YOUR OWN SAFETY, AND YOUR DOG'S SAFETY, IS UP TO YOU! Keep in mind, it is up to you to train your own dog for this type of activity. We can not and will not be held responsible for the training you have into your dog or the Scooter you hook your dogs to, neither of which we have control over. Make sure you know how to ride the Scooter well yourself before ever hooking a well trained dog in front of it. Know that not only should your dog wear a proper Sled Dog Type Harness, you too should dress correctly.....long sleeves, pads, and a helmet...


Texas Tea Pulling Deron on Scooter 2017-03-04 Texas Tea Pulling Deron Spearfish Park 2017-03-08 scooter6.jpg Texas Tea Pulling Deron on Scooter 2 2017-03-04 Turquoise with Marna Scootering 2017-03-04 scooter1.jpg

Please visit our website for more on Dog Scootering as well as How To Train your dogs for the event.


gold maroon close up

Just a note to the wise here.

I see a LOT on Working Dog Websites about Scooter Brakes, the best type, and the Tinsel Strength of the Webbing that the Dog Harnesses are made from....

While that is all nice and fine:


From years and years of Dog Sled Racing and Harness Making Experience I can tell you FOR SURE AND FOR CERTAIN, It is not the Brakes on the Scooters or the Tinsel Strength of the webbing, it is THE TRAINING YOU HAVE INTO YOUR DOG!

SCOOTER BRAKES: Once the wheels stop turning, that is all the breaks can do. Grip Type Brakes will stop those as well as any high end brakes. It is the "WHOA!" the dog needs to listen to.

WEBBING TINSEL STRENGTH: Yes. Tinsel Strength IS Important. But. It is the stitching of the harness, what thread was used, how many times the sewer went over the same, if sewn areas have the box stitch....THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT ON A DOG HARNESS. A Dog Harness will come apart at the seams, LOOOONG before the webbing breaks from anything a dog can or will pull.


I used to and who knows, might again, Race Sled Dogs with Sleds, Rigs, Scooters and Sacco Carts....yes, I won now and again too! Oh the fun and excitement.

RACING IS FUN! LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN! You also get to meet new people that enjoy the same sport as you do. New friends and possibly even training companions.

But there are a few things you should know.

ONLY RACE WITH WELL TRAINED DOGS! If your dogs have never been on the trail with other dogs and people, get out there and practice that. Your dog NEEDS to know how to pass other dogs and dogs pulling scooters Head On and Passing WITHOUT bothering the other team.

Your dog NEEDS to know all the Sled Dog Commands and OBEY them before you enter a race.

YOU NEED to know all the rules of the race. The Hows and Whys and Wheres and such. And, YOU NEED to OBEY them. IF you do not like the way the Race Committee does things, OBEY at the races, then Volunteer YOUR time to set things up the way YOU might like to see them done.

Be kind to you dog...even when it is misbehaving. Handle corrections quietly and without violence. Again I say, Train At Home.

Get along with the people and their animals.

Groom Your Dogs.

Groom YOURSELF. Wear a nicer coat than your Kennel Coat when you are out and about with your dogs. If you wear "Barn Clothes" it makes the Sport look badly to outsiders.

Make SURE YOUR Equipment is in Good Repair...and that it looks nice.

The Bigger The Tires, The Smoother The Ride/Run. If you race with smaller tires on your Scooter, not only will the Driver feel all the rocks and such, the dogs will through their harnesses.

Take/Load Extra in your vehicle. Extra What? Extra everything you are able to. Extra Ganglines, an Extra Harness for your dogs, Extra Boots or the type of Shoes you race in. An Extra Coat. Extra Dog Food, an Extra Dog Bowl... If it is ever going to break, get chewed or get lost, it will probably be when you really need it.

Don't Change or Try Anything New On Race Day. Use the equipment, that is, what you have used, during fun runs and practice runs. A new harness might look fine and the same to you, but it might fit the dog a bit different than his usual. If you are buying new harnesses for races, buy them and use them before you have your dogs race in them. No New Anything On Race Day.

Don't let other Racers Psych YOU Out....yes, this really happens at Sled Dog Races. Comments like one or more of these, "Is your dog limping?", "Are you using THAT sled/rig/scooter/cart?", "Is that all you are wearing out there?", "I hope you have good balance, that trail gets....(fill in the blank with words like, Deep, Steep, Windy, Sharp Turns, Wet, Slick....). If it rattles a person, it gives the sayers an edge to win. And yes, they say it as if to HELP you....

There are now MANY Scooter Races one could enter. If there are none in your own area, check the Internet. Sled Dog Races are worth traveling to, even if you come in last. It if Fun and Exciting!

There are also Scooter Races that you could participate in even without dogs.

Bottom Line is:


It costs a LOT to get to that Starting Line at a Race. Not just financially. Time. Serious Racers Have A LOT Of Time Involved LONG BEFORE THEY GET TO THE STARTING LINE.

The fastest dogs don't always win races. Well Trained Fast Dogs Win Races.

Don't show up with untrained dogs that can jam up another racer. If your dogs tangle in the other racers lines, that ruins the finishing time for them. If your dogs will not move over on the trail out of the way of another racer passing you, that too takes away from their time. EVERYONE WORKS HARD TO GET TO THAT STARTING LINE. BE A GOOD SPORT OUT THERE, AND THAT INCLUDES GETTING OUT OF ANOTHER RACERS WAY ON THE TRAIL. If you need to get off your Scooter/Cart/Sled/Rig to run up and grab your dogs so that another racer can pass you, DO IT QUICKLY!

The contents of this page for Scooters ~ Kick Bicycles ~ Dogs is still under construction. Please check back often.

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