Frisbie/Disc Golf

Frisbee Golf Book

Frisbie Golf! So Fun. It all started with the Frisbie Pie Company and College Kids.

Back in the early 1800's William Frisbie, a Pie Baker in Bridgeport CT, had a Wonderful Advertising Idea! To put his name, "Frisbie Pie Company", imprinted on the bottom of each of his Pie Pans. History says William's Pies were wonderful to the taste and that College Kids started Throwing the Pie Pans for Fun. Throwing to one another and back....

Just after WWII a guy in CA, Fredrick Morrison "got rich!" He had the idea of making 'Flying Saucers" out of plastic and the Toy Maker Whamo! Contacted him. After Whamo! started making Frisbies, their business 'took off'.

Ever since I started playing Frisbie, there has been the debate about how to spell the Name....Frisbie, or Frisbee....and sometimes, in some circles, the debate can get heated!

Soon, different markers and different types of Frisbees were being made. The Dog Sport started with Ashley Whippit, and that's about where I came into the sport....with dog training.

Back in the 1980's, when I was competing with my Dogs in Long Distance Frisbie Throwing....and Catching and Fetching.....I remember thinking, 'gosh, glad they made these plastic Dog Frisbies...pans would be hard on teeth!" What you also need to know....

Each Frisbie Sport, Human and Animal, has it's own type of Frisbies. In Disc or Frisbie Golf, you will need a few different types of Discs, or sometimes called Frisbees, to play.

Frisbee Book

If you already Golf, or have Golfed, the Rules and Etiquette of Frisbie Golf will come easy to you.

If you already throw a Disc for your dog, as far as you also have a 'leg up' for Disc Gold.

Any type of outdoor or even indoor Sport is a good work out. Any time you are moving around and not eating, GOOD FOR YOU! Frisbie Golf is not that hard, not high impact, and perfect for those just getting started with weight loss, as well as those skinny people out there!

Most City Parks these days, all over, not just the USD, but everywhere, have Frisbid Golf Courses set up and you can use them for FREE!

VonKazmaier Marna Custon Disc

Deron had this Mid Distance Golf Disc for me as a Birthday Gift 2017.


THIS Disc will make me want to get out more and Play Disc Golf!

Deron's Purple Colt Disc Golf Putter Marna's Pink Colt Disc Golf Putter

I stumbled across the Purple Colt Revolver Disc Golf Putter on line and HAD to buy it for Deron....then I found the Pink for me. These are Putters. I wish they had other Pistols in Mid and Distance Discs, I would surely purchase them too!

We Started Playing

Franklin 3 Disc Golf Set

I am not quite sure what lead me to Disc Golf. Deron and I have MANY Hobbies! Many. So for us to start or try another, nothing uncommon. I will say, ALL of my Frisbie Play has stemmed from Dog Fetch and Catch. And. Since we have this pup, Tabaliah, I have been training....

We bought a set of 3 Discs from Walmart for $ enough. We took them to Spearfish Park, to the Practice Basket and started messing around. It was fun....and we started buying more Discs...including another set of three like the first so that we would each have a full set to try the game.

so much more to come!

The contents of this page for Frisbie/Disc Golf is still under construction. Please check back later!

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