Katy Trail Rails to Trails

Katy Trail Map 2017-10-27

Deron and I have many, many, many miles on Katy Trail, but were away from it for just about 20 years. We used to train and race our Sled Dogs on the Katy Trail, usually out of Weldon Springs. We rode our bicycles miles and miles and mils on Katy; me from end to end with my middle son, Drew and a Church Group. We have also Backpacked the Katy with our dogs also wearing Backpacks...to keep in shape for Sled Dog Racing...as well as keeping us in shape.

Riding a bicycle is a GREAT way to get/stay in shape/fit. IT IS ALSO A GREAT WAY, A FUN WAY TO LOSE AND KEEP OFF BODY FAT! It is fun and freeing and honestly works your whole body...AND I WILL SAY AGAIN! FUN!!!!

Deron and I have also ridden the Mickelson Trail here in South Dakota. Both the Katy and the Mickelson are rated TOP TEN in the USA.

There are Rails To Trails all over the USA now. Some are nicer than others to ride. Some take a certain type of bicycle.



Leaving For Missouri 2017-10-26

I was very excited to finally be pulling out of our 'driveway' to head to MO to not only visit with our children and grandchilden! But also to Ride The Katy Trail Again! And what's more!? To meet Karen, whom I had been emailing for yeeeears on the Does My Butt Look Big In The Saddle Yahoo Group.

It was Karen telling the Group that the Katy had this Monster Bike Bash coming up October 28th 2017 that kicked us into high gear for the Trip. We had been trying and trying to get out of here all October long to go and see our kids! Every turn, got set back.

Anyway, on Oct. 26th, we were headed out....with Teanna, our GSD puppy that would turn 11 weeks old the next day.

Rocheport Trailhead Teanna Ready At Rocheport 2017-10-27

We were very excited to pull into the Rocheport Trailhead....boy, it has changed! This was on the 27th, the day before the Monster Bike Bash, we loaded up Teanna in the Bicycle Trailer and took a 6.5 miles ride. Lovely. It was Lovely! And like coming home!

Riders Passing Rocheport Depot 2017-10-27 Katy Trail Map 2017-10-27

We always tell people to pick up a map of the Rails to Trails they are riding. Not so much so you do not get lost, but for all the information printed on it about areas and about the trail itself.

As we were getting ready for our short ride, a group rode by, all bundled up, that were Touring/Bikepacking. Yes. It made me 'remember when' it was me doing just that!

Rocheport to McBaine Infor Katy Trail 2017-10-27 Marna Riding Katy Trail 2017-10-27

That's me, in the RED pants, riding on the 27th. We rode towards McBaine, just over 3 miles. We went through the Bridge Tunnel and on down the road.

Monster Mash Group Photo 2017-10-28 Katy Trail Bike Bash Marna Karen before leaving Columbia Katy Trail Bike Bash coming into Katfish Kate's Karen Marna 2017-10-28

I could hardly wait to meet Karen and her husband Brian! I was so very excited! We were also very excited that Orion was meeting us there too. And Man or Man! They sure made the day Fun and Exciting for us!

Bike Bash Orion Dog Trailer 2017-10-28 Deron and Orion Katy Rocheport Bridge 2017-10-28

Deron's son met us there, he came out from St. Louis county. He had just recently won THE BIGGEST LOSER at his Work Place, but had not ridden and bicycle in yeeeears, and never that far. He had a great time and never complained once about the miles or how cold it was!

The photos below are of all of us/each of us, enjoying the Trail and one another's company as well as all the many other riders on the Trail, at the Rest/Party Stops and Restaurants that day. It was so worth the trip. So worth the planning and training (to pull Teanna in the Bicycle Trailer) and worth going to again NEXT YEAR!

Katy Trail Bike Bash Marna Karen 2017-10-28 Katy Trail Bike Bash Karen Marna 2017-10-28 Monster Mash First Party Stop 2017-10-28 Bike Bash Katy Trail 2017-10-28 Monster Bash Trail Stop Party Two 2017-10-28 Bike Bash 2017 us in photo Monster Mash Kazmaiers 2017-10-28

Deron Bike Trailer with Teanna 2017-10-28 DEA Deron Katy Trail 2018-10-28 DEA Deron Holding Teanna 2017-10-28

Deron's costume caught a lot of attention, "Is it a costume or id the DEA really here?", some folk moved away from him. Ha Ha! The idea was he had a German Shepherd Dog Puppy in the Trailer behind him....

Marna Katy Trail 2017-10-28

Last photo on the way back to square one. Brian, Karen's husband picked us up that the Rocheport Trailhead. And it was a very good thing. Deron had another flat....come to kind out, he had a THORN, tiny little, hard to find, thorn, in his tire that kept pooping his tubes. Yes, two tubes while in Missouri.

Katy Trail Bluffs 2017-10-28

IT WAS WONDERFUL TO SEE THE MISSOURI BEAUTY! Missouri Bluffs along the Trail. Fall Colors. Family and Friends!


The next day I went Single Tracking in Castlewood State Park with my oldest son Tony, youngest son, Jesse, and grandson, Eli. I hope I did not slow them down too much, because MAN! THEY CAN SHRED! They were Hoppin' Rocks (JUMPING HIGH!) Mastering HILLS! And cornering like mad! Oh it was fun! Now I want a bicycle with Full Suspension!

Eli Tony Jesse Marna bicycle riding single track Castlewood 2017-10-29

MaMarna w Eli at Castlewood Trails 2017-10-29

Jesse Single Tracking Castlewood State Park 2017-10-29

Marna at Castlewood Single Tracking 2017-10-29

The contents of this page for Katy Trail Rails to Trails is still under construction. Please check back later. Deron and I plan to do many more rides and perhaps end to end on the Katy (again for me). We will add to this page as we ride it.

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