Driving Equine

Driving Equine is a wonderful sport and lots of fun! There is much to know before running out and buying a harness and cart for your equine. There are books you can buy or borrow from your local library as well as much information on the internet about training your own equines for driving, learning to drive the equine drawn vehicle and more.

KEEP THIS IN MIND! A HORSE CAN PULL FAR MORE WEIGHT THEN IT CAN CARRY. So for some, to heavy to ride an equine, driving is the only choice for enjoying an equine ride.

Be sure before driving or riding in a cart that the wheels are made for the weight the cart will be carrying. Some bicycle wheels are only made for light weight children. If those wheels are used on a pony cart, they can and some have, collapsed.

This page will take some time to work on, but please visit our pages on our www.bibledonkeys.com site One is called Driving and Carting The other is my training Journal with photos of us training our Donkey, named Abby, to pull a dogsled and pull a cart. It is at Abby Learns To Drive

One thing that really bugs me as a trainer of several different species to drive...

when driving an animal use the reins as your "getty up". In other words do not use your reins, one in each of your hands, to slap the body of the animal to make it go. When a person does this, not only are you pulling on, floppy and rattling the bit and or halter on or in face/mouth of the animal, you are teaching the animal that when the reins move on it's back, it should move too. This is bad behavior to teach...think what happens with the reins of driving animals as you get in and out of the cart/wagon/sleigh or sled. Carry a driving whip, IF you know how to use one. They are not for hitting the animal, they are for cuing.

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